Pulp Mill

• Debarking Drum

• Chipper Disc

• Digesters

• Lime Kiln

COMMON application of ndt

• Inspection of Raw Products
​        - Forging, Casting, Extrusions, Etc.

• Inspection Following Secondary Processing
​        - Machining, Welding, Grinding, Heat Treating, Plating, Etc.

• In-Services Damage Inspection
         - Cracking, Corrosion, Erosion/Wear, Heat Damage, Etc.


• Boilers

Steam Turbine

• Evaporators

• Tanks

Non Destructive Testing Methods   

Industrial Radiography

Shearwave Inspection

Leak Detection

 Nova  Data Testing  Labs

Visual Inspection

Eddy Current

Paper Machines

•Dryer Cans

Suction Rolls

• Calander Roll

• Reel Spools

• Crane Hooks