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Nova Data Testing Labs

8166 Ladiestown Road

Mechanicsville, Va 23111


Office: (804) 730-7100

Fax: (804) 730-7101

- Boiler Inspection

- Pressure Vessel Inspection

- Storage Tank Inspection

- Pipeline Inspection

- Shutdowns

- Digesters
- Evaporators
- Paper Machine Dryers
- Crane Hooks & Reel Spools
- Lime Kilns




Our background combines pulp and paper operations experience and engineering experience with the technical aspects of nondestructive examination. Nova Data Testing is a full service laboratory capable of handling all of your nondestructive examination needs. All projects at your facility will be managed by one of our staff professionals, qualified with years of experience specific to the pulp and paper industry. Nova Data Testing is a customer oriented organization that can deliver prompt and flexible service when you need it.


Safety is number one. Nova Data Testing is committed to accident prevention in order to protect the safety and health of all our employees. Injury and illness losses due to hazards are needless, costly and preventable.

 NovaData Testing  Labs

Our good work ethics, along with high productivity and reliability lead us to the highest quality work consistently.  We are trained and certified in many different types of NDT.